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There is also one of Too Short to ride, very short clip but watch it :D

Posted by CN´s youtube channel.
Don´t watch if you dislike spoiler

This summer we will get more than just a Steven Bomb!
tumblr o9trzss4E41t5u6j6o1 1280 by JB-Pawstep

yay :D
Like with OC Gems only. I noticed more and more people creating Gem OCs but wouldn´t it be fun if they all could meet once in a while in an rp?
Would also be a chance to meet more people and maybe even making some friends :D

There are some rules of course:
-No killing each other
-If you´re going to rp 18+ stuff, make sure your rp partner is ok with that. Since we have younger members here too you need to leave the chat room for this kind of rp of course and continue some place else xD" (damn I saw stuff some days ago haha)

Has anyone experience with that?
Good idea? Bad idea?…

Eyy this should work!! Enjoy

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